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kammit is going to make home renovation easier. we will show potential DIY, Contractors and homeowners the actual price of finished building materials by providing one place for all their finished building materials. we will focus on the top 10 materials (windows, siding, roofing, cabinets, tile, countertops, floors etc) from the top 5 local vendors and showcase their products so it’s easy for homeowners to see, source, price and purchase. kammit will be the truecar to the renovation industry.

“make the breast pump not suck”

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just a quick weekend project

“responsive” design

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Lets not kid ourselves, NO body goes on a desktop and opens a website then narrows the browser window so it shrinks down to a mobile size window to see if it’s a responsive site. If you’re one of “those” you kidding yourself and everyone else. Do breakpoints really exist to the user? As professionals should we even care?

“Responsive design is the translation of information from a small device to a large device”. If you can embrace this idea, you will make great design.

Digital Package Solution


The Digital Package Solution project is the reinvention of Gillette’s global promotional packs. By dramatically reducing the number of structures, optimizing claim communication, and creating a digital workflow tool in conjunction with the Packaging Reinvention team, we are on track to save the company between $10 -14mm (year 1). Further, we will improve purchase intent, and reduce development time from 12 weeks to 12 minutes. Our idea started in Jan 2012 and is currently on track for implementation Jan 2013.

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Gillette Fusion Proglide w/Flexball Display


In 2014 Gillette Launched a new handle that pivots 12 degrees in either side. A global FMOT strategy was created and globule assets that could be used across different channels and touch points. Working with a Global instore agency, I helped to create a holistic extractable design elements that is used around the world.


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Helping VELCRO to rebrand, redesign, and rethink how they package and brand their consumer package to keep their strong hold on the original hook and look that is now known generically as “velcro”. A design exploration was conducted to create an own able shape and standardized design elements across all their 200+ consumer sku’s.

Gillette Club – Rebrand

Gillette’s club business needed a make over. With sku confusion and price wars, Gillette needed to make sure their club purchasers knew the value of their product monetarily and product quality. with only 3 seconds to capture their consumer, the club environment was a touch challenge to make their brands stand out and desirable to make the $50 purchase.

London Olympics Man Cave

Gillette man cave, London 2012

Led global cross functional team to create first “man cave” (http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/SB-Blogs/Olympics/London-Olympics/2012/07/procterhome.aspx) at 2012 summer Olympics in London.


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